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Elite Palace  
Woodside, NY
This wedding and banquet hall in Woodside, NY is a refined gem in the midst of a popular expanding Queen's neighborhood. By custom designing the millwork, moldings, stair railings, lighting, decorative paint schemes, and even the rugs, we were able to create a space that mixes traditional elements with modern sophistication.
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Main Ballroom - After
Main Ballroom - After
Main Ballroom Stage View - After   View Concept
Main Ballroom Entrance View – After   View Concept
Main Ballroom Ceiling Detail - After
Main Lobby - After   View Concept
Main Lobby - After
Main Lobby Reception - After
Main Stairs - After
Main Lobby Main Stairs - After
Cocktail Room - After   View Concept
Cocktail Room Bar - After
Cellar Lobby Fireplace – After
Cellar Lobby - After   View Concept
Cellar Lobby Small Garden - After
Wedding Chapel - After
Wedding Chapel Main - After   View Concept
Groom Suite - After
Groom Suite View 2 - After
Bride Suite - After
Bride Suite View 2 - After
Women’s Restroom, Cellar Floor - After
Men’s Restroom, Cellar Floor - After
First Floor Women Bathroom - After
80-23 222 Street Hollis Hills, NY 11427  Phone: (718) 464-5669  Fax: (212) 214-0519